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What to do around the campsite, between Propriano and Porto Pollo?

Southern Corsica offers numerous outdoor activities to enjoy a change of scenery. The Gulf of Valinco, between Porto Pollo and Propriano, is a still well-preserved place that you can explore in multiple ways.

Whether you are more into “active vacations”, “relaxing stay” (or somewhere in between), whether you are traveling with family, as a couple, or with friends, you will definitely find activities to create unforgettable memories of your Corsican getaway.

Around the campsite

You don’t need to go far to find things to do during your camping vacation! Multiple activities are offered in the vicinity of our site:

Horseback riding

A little further away…

You can also visit the prehistoric site of Filitosa, located 7 kilometers from the campsite, as well as the village of Olmeto, 10 kilometers from the campsite.

The Gulf of Valinco is full of exceptional sites that you can explore during your stay: Sartène, Campomoro, Tizzano, and other typical villages of the Alta Rocca.

A little further away, between sea and mountains, you can discover the rest of Southern Corsica: Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio, or even Ajaccio.

Practical information

  • Many quality restaurants are located near the campsite, by the sea, as well as a supermarket if you want to go shopping.
  • Every year, events are organized near the campsite (especially during high season). Visit the tourist office website to find out more.
  • You can rent a semi-rigid inflatable boat from our partner Locanautic. You will receive a 10% discount on your rental (excluding the period from July 15th to August 25th).